We have a couple of Lamancha doe kids, a Lamancha buck kid, an adult Lamancha buck, a few yearling and 2 year old Nigerian does, and some pet wethers available.

Sales Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be required to hold one of our available goats before they are born, and $100 after birth or for mature goats. We cannot hold a goat for you simply because you say you want a particular one.  Reserving a kid from a certain cross will give you first option of those we offer for sale before making them available to the public. If there is no kid available due to all kids being retained, the wrong sex, illness, injury, or death, the buyer will have the option to have their deposited refunded, or transferred to another breeding.  We reserve the right to keep any kid born on our farm.  If the buyer changes their mind or decides not to complete the sale for any reason the deposit will not be refunded.  The balance must be paid in full before any goat can leave our farm.  Check payments must have time to clear the bank before pick-up - we will accept final payment at the time of pick-up but it must be in cash.    Kids must be picked up by eight (8) weeks of age and all others must be picked up within six (6) weeks of purchase, unless other arrangements have been made.    All kids will be disbudded, vaccinated, and given coccidia prevention. Kids come from a CAE/Johnes negative herd.  If a kid is purchased as a bottle baby and is given milk from a CAE positive goat, then the kid will contract CAE.   We cannot guarantee any goat, their health, their height, their temperament, or show potential once they leave our farm.


Goats For Sale

Please read our sales policy (below) prior to placing a deposit on any goat(s).